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Best Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul Travel Guide

Here are several best tourist places to go in Korea Seoul. This travel guide some information and recommended places on where to go in Korea Seoul. Seoul is the capital of South Korea, is an enormous metropolis where places of modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways and pop culture meet Buddhist temples, palaces and street markets.

Top 5 Best Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul

N Seoul Tower

Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - N Seoul Tower
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower (N서울타워) commonly called the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. 

It was opened to the public on October 15, 1980 and has since become a major tourist spot in Seoul Korea. The 236.7 meter tower sits a top Namsan Mountain (243m). At 236m, it marks the highest point in Seoul. 

The observatory offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas.

N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower
After thirty years and countless of visitors, the structure was renamed to ‘N Seoul Tower.’ The letter ‘N’ symbolizes the tower’s ‘new’ look, which resulted from a 15 billion won remodeling project in December 2005. 

With the latest LED technology lighting which constantly changes colors and patterns that alter the tower’s overall color scheme, it has become a 'light art' providing various media art together with an unusual cultural art experience. 

Event organizers can now decorate the tower based on the season or events.

Namsan Tower Locks of Love
Namsan Tower Locks of Love
Located on top of the N Plaza, the roof terrace is a spacious wooden viewing deck whose exotic atmosphere makes it very popular with lovers. 

A main attraction for courting couples is "Locks of Love," thousands of padlocks are locked to the fence by romantic Soul symbolizing their undying affection and love.


Myeong-dong (명동) in Chinese is 明洞, translated to be 'bright cave' or 'bright tunnel'. Myeong-dong is a place in dong in Jung-gu, South Korea, Seoul. It is one of the main shopping and tourist places in Seoul South Korea

The two main drags adjoin in the center of the block with one starting from Myeong-dong Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No. 4) and the other from Lotte Department Store at Euljiro. There are a lot of brand name shops and department stores along the streets and alleys. 

Common products for sale include beauty products, clothes, shoes, and accessories. Unlike Namdaemun or Dongdaemun, many designer brands are sold in Myeong-dong. Branded beauty products are sold much cheaper compare to their prices sold in other country.
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Myeong-dong
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Myeong-dong

In addition, several major department stores including Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, Myeong-dong Migliore, Noon Square and M Plaza. 

The department stores carry many premium labels and other fashionable goods at reasonable prices.

Myeong-dong also has family restaurants, fast food, plus Korean, Western and Japanese dining selections. Many restaurants in Myeong-dong specialize in pork cutlet (donkas) and kalguksu (thick noodles).

There will also be street hawkers that will start to set up their stores around evening time along the streets.

Lotte World

Lotte World is sited in the center of the city, it is a theme park filled with thrilling rides, an ice rink and different kinds of exhibits, as well as a folk museum, a lake, and a lot more.

The building inside makes use of the natural sunlight, and it is open for visitors all year round, regardless of the weather.
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Lotte World
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Lotte World

Lotte World is separated into an indoor Adventure theme, and a Magic Island theme outdoors, next to Seokchonhosu Lake. Lotte World Adventure has zones symbolising different countries with diverse kinds of facilities and souvenir shops. 

You can enjoy watching parades, numerous films, laser shows, and tasting a variety of international cuisines even during the holidays. Magic Island, where the dazzling Magic Castle is located, is also the venue of exhilarating, high-altitude rides. Be sure to also check out the peaceful walking trail around the lake.

Beyond all attractions mentioned above, the Folk Museum is also one of the most popular museums among tourists. Folk cultural items on exhibit dated from 5,000 years in Korean history. The museum also features miniature villages and a playground.

Read more about How To Get To Everland or Lotte World Theme Park In Seoul Korea


Gwanghwamun (광화문) 光化門 in Chinese is the main and biggest gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace, in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is situated at a three-way crossway at the northern end of Sejongno. As a landmark and symbol of Seoul's long history as the capital city during the Joseon Dynasty.

Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Gwanghwamu
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Gwanghwamu

On August 1st, 2009, the redesigned Gwanghwamun Square opened to the public. With the inauguration of the square, Sejong-ro, located at the center of the 600-year-old historic city of Seoul, was transformed into a human-centered space that harmonizes with the beautiful scenery of Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukaksan Mountain.

The gate has gone through multiple periods of destruction and disrepair. Restoration work on the gate was finished and it was opened to the public on August 15, 2010.


Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Dongdaemun
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Dongdaemun
Dongdaemun began as a traditional market in 1905 and went through its first major transformation in 1970s as it started to develop as a center of the textile industry (both wholesale and retail dealings). 

With the later building of mega shopping buildings in the area, the market went reborn as the most famous fashion street in Korea. Ever since its opening in 1905, Dongdaemun Market has been one of the major markets in Korea.

Having more than 20 shopping malls, a full range of fashion items that cover head to toe, can be found in Dongdaemun Market at inexpensive prices. 

The main street divides Dongdaemun Market into two zones, zone 1 is on the side where Doosan Tower is found, and Section 2 is on the side of Dongdaemun Stadium:

Zone 1 - Retail Shops
Huge shopping malls basically sell wholesale and retail goods, but mostly deal with general customers and tourists at retail prices. Hence, they have convenient facilities like money exchanges and information desks with English speaking staff.

Opening hours are also aimed at general customers, opening from 10 am to 5 am the next day. The shopping malls also have various events organized which are delightful. Major shopping malls are Doosan Tower, Migliore, Freya Town and Hello apM.

Zone 2 - Wholesale Shops
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Dongdaemun
Tourist Places To Go In Korea Seoul - Dongdaemun
Also selling goods both in wholesale and retail, but mainly sold in bulk. That is why shopping malls here usually open at about 8 pm and close at 8 am or 5 pm the next day for the convenience of wholesalers. 

The peak time comes late at night through early morning. Since most shops deal with wholesalers, there are no dressing rooms. Refunds and exchanges are not guaranteed, so make sure to check the quality and size carefully. 

Major shopping malls in this zone are Designer's Club, Migliore Valley, Nuzzon, Gwanghee Fashion Mall, Jeil Pyeonghwa, and Heungin Stardom. 

Among them, Jeil Pyeonghwa and Heungin Stardom attract customers in their thirties and forties with items of simple and elegant design. Teens and youth in their twenties usually visit Designer's Club, Migliore Valley, Nuzzon and Gwanghee Fashion Mall.

Lastly, we have covered the top 5 best tourist places to go in Korea Seoul, hope this travel guide provides you the best tourist experiences. Of course,  there definitely are more tourist spots and places you can visit in Seoul, check out the other posts.

How To Get To Everland or Lotte World Theme Park In Seoul Korea

How To Get To Everland or Lotte World Theme Park In Seoul Korea? This post is breakdown in two portions. The first talk about how to get to Everland, the second talk about how to get to Lotte World. Both Everland and Lotte World are the well known theme park in Seoul, Korea.

How To Get To Everland

Everland is South Korea's largest theme park. Located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province. Everland address is 199 Everland-ro, Pogog-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do. Everland is operated by Samsung C&T Corporation previously known as Samsung Everland, Cheil Industries, a subsidiary of the Samsung Group. The theme park recorded a 7.3 million visitors per year and was ranked sixteenth in the world for amusement park attendance in year 2014.

Go to Everland By Metropoilitan Subway

- Change to Yongin Ever Line at Giheung Station on Bundang Line
- It takes 30 minutes from Giheung Station to Jeondae Everland Station (last stop) on Yongin Ever Line.
- You are able to take the free shuttle bus from Yongin Ever Line and go to Everland or Caribbean Bay.
- Ever Line operation hours 05:30~23:30 (last train)

How To Go To Everland From Seoul By Bus

- Take bus no. 5002 and no. 5007.
- For bus no 5002, bus stops can be found at Sinnohyeon , Gangnam and Yangjae station. Takes approximately 40 - 50 minutes and bus fare is about 2500 won (one way)
- For bus no 5007, bus stops are at gangbyeon, jamsil, songpa and suseo station. Takes approximately 60 - 80 minutes and bus fare is about 2500 won (one way)

Gangnam Station bus no. 5002 had been popular, since it is a good deal. So most of the times it will be crowded and have to wait longer to get on the bus.

Everland also has two shuttle bus both with multiple stops throughout Seoul. It is the most expensive option a round trip and reservations in advance is required. This is a private shuttle bus service operated by a bus company. There are 5 departure locations to choose from.
How To Get To Everland
T Express

South Korea's highest, fastest, longest, steepest roller coaster. South Korea's first wooden coaster.
It has world's steepest wooden roller coaster record (77 degrees, 2009)

The T Express, first started in 2006, is the first wooden roller coaster and the largest of any kind in South Korea. The T Express is the 6th longest wooden coaster in the world at 5,838 feet (1,779 m) long. With the first drop inclined at 77 degrees. Its classify as the steepest roller coaster.

How To Get To Lotte World

Lotte World is a major recreation building complex in Seoul, South Korea. It comprises of the world's largest indoor theme park, a Guinness World Record, an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island", an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorail, shopping malls, a luxury hotel, a Korean folk museum, sports facilities, and movie theaters. Lotte World is located at Sincheon-dong, and receives 7.3 million visitors each year.

It is best to take the public transportation. Get off at Jamsil station on either Subway Line No. 2 or 8, and you can use the underground walkway. Subway exit no. 4 & 5.
How To Get To Lotte World
Indoor Ice Skating Ring
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