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Seoraksan Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano Waterpia Hot Spring Theme Park Mt Sorak

Seoraksan Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano

Seoraksan Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano

Seoraksan Hanwha Resort (Mt Sorak) Seorak Sorano

Hanwha Resort Mt Sorak
Hanwha Resort Mt Sorak
Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano is located at 111 Misiryeong-ro, 2983beon-gil, Yeongrang-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea. Travel  to the Mount Sorak National Park is less than 30 minutes away.

The Hanwha resort suites come with kitchen facilities and a dining area. There are two rooms, relatively spacious in the suites. One is without a bed, mattresses are kept in the large wardrobe.

Koreans traditionally sleep on ondol heated floors, an underfloor heating system that is unique to Koreans.  They sleep on a yo and underneath is an ibul, that is a traditional Korean quilt.  

The other room is fitted with a flat-screen TV with cable channels and offers a seating area. The bedroom extends into a balcony with mountain and sea views.

There is also a big departmental store at basement of Seoraksan Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano.

Seorak Hanwha Waterpia Hot Spring Theme Park 

Seorak Waterpia Hot Spring Theme Park
Seorak Waterpia Hot Spring Theme Park

The Waterpia Hot Spring Theme Park is about 5 minutes walk from the Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano. Waterpia is a hot spring theme park where you can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Seorak all year long. It has around 11 water activity facilities on a site area of 80,000 ㎡(24,000 pyeong).

All the water used in the Waterpia is natural hot spring water (alkaline mineral water). It is Korea’s first recuperation springs approved by the Ministry of Security and Public Administration.

The hot spring water gets out from a granite layer that was shaped around 180 million years ago during the Mesozoic Jurassic Age. The temperature falls into the top 3%, and the hot spring water is cooled off before they are provided to the theme park.

Small towel is provided free but it is best that you bring your own swimming wear and swim cap. There is a towel and swim cap rental counter, where you can rent a big towel or swim cap, if you don't have one.

You will need to remove your foot wear at the entrance level (1st floor). There will be a foot wear locker section, where you can keep your foot wear. Bring your swim wear, towel and other belonging to the basement level where the changing and shower area is. The rental counter is just beside it.  

Hanwha Waterpia Theme Park
Hanwha Waterpia Theme Park

There is a family section where both guys and girls can get together and enjoy the water ride.

You can also go to man or woman section area to enjoy hot tubs supplied at different temperature. Note that you will need to remove all your clothing in this section, but you can bring along the towel.

Last, likely you’ll discovered that your body feels rejuvenated after soaking in the hot spring or playing in the water all day. Your skin will be moisturized, and you may feel the other benefits of these Seorak Waterpia hot spring theme park.

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