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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Ride Tokyo Disneysea Drop Height Review Blog

Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea Review
Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea Review
This post is about the Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea review. Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of the attractions in Tokyo DisneySea. It is partially dark ride and partially thrill ride, and is unique to DisneySea.

Journey to the Center of the Earth uses stagecraft, light, sound, heat, and motion to create a multi-sensory experience basing on the Jules Verne novel of the similar name.

Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea Review

Lets see what others have to say:

"There are some creepy creatures but only one major drop on Journey. I'd say it's pretty mild, 6 year old loved it."

"I don't even feel the drop on Journey; it's at the end and curved."

"In the attraction, there will be a part whereby you look right and it is raining. During that scene, there will be a lightning with a loud crackling sound. That part gets me often."

"The drop is short but the vehicle gains speed(75km p/h) the drop is steep and you WILL feel airtime (pretty big). Before the drop, the vehicle curves in darkness but you shoot out of the volcano eventually. DO NOT MISS THIS RIDE!!!"

"In the day it might be scarier only because for the brief 2-3 seconds you can see how high you are then back into the tunnel you go. At night your eyes won't have time to really adjust to the dim lighting to notice how high you really are."

"This ride was great, and the monster was actually really scary."

"This ride is so amazing, DON'T miss it."

"This ride is deeply detailed and quiet amazing but a little too short for my taste."

The waiting queue has two regions. The first region has you going your way past makeshift laboratories with items apparently taken from old expeditions. This queue ends at one of several large elevators, which transport you at down below the earth's surface. Once the Journey to the Center of the Earth elevator send you on a descending trip down to the earth's core with special sound effects. You will have to wait to board a unique subterranean six passengers mining vehicle to travel through the tunnels. Along the way, you will see crystal caverns, unusual creatures, and a variety of special effects that unexpected for the eyes.

During the ride, you will encounter monsters, which provides the highlight of the ride, a combination punch of effects that culminates with the suddenly shakes and volcano's eruption launching you out of the mountain for a high-speed ride around the caldera of the ancient volcano. 

The vehicle travel smoothly at a variety of speeds, from slow, "sightseeing" tempo all the way to up roller coaster quick, and the whole duration is only about 3 mins. There is only one major Journey to The Center of The Earth DisneySea drop. Journey to the center of the earth ride drop height is only a couple of seconds at about 75 km/hr, which makes it a mini  roller coaster for beginner that suit majority of people. Nevertheless, do take take note of the boarding restrictions:

* WARNING! To ride, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.

* Expectant mothers and persons of advanced age should not ride.

* Guests who do not meet the height requirement (117 cm) may not ride.


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