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DisneySea World Only Japan Tokyo Theme Park Attractions

DisneySea Japan Tokyo Theme Park
DisneySea Japan Tokyo Theme Park

DisneySea is the world only theme park in Japan Tokyo. The Tokyo DisneySea is located at the Tokyo Disney Resort located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, just outside Tokyo.

DisneySea is owned by The Oriental Land Company, which licenses Disney characters and themes from The Walt Disney Company, unfolded on September 4, year 2001, at a cost of 335 billion yen. Tokyo DisneySea drew an approximately 14 million visitors in year 2013, making it the third most traveled to theme park in the world.

Tokyo DisneySea was the 2nd theme park build at the Tokyo Disney Resort and the 9th Disney theme park of the eleven worldwide to open. Tokyo DisneySea was the fastest theme park in the world to reach the milestone of 10 million guests, in 307 days after its grand opening beating the Universal Studios Japan, a previous record holder of 338 days after its opening.

Tokyo DisneySea is built up of seven themed ports of call, namely the Mediterranean Harbor, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery and American Waterfront that were inspired by the myths and legends of the sea. While suitable for all ages, Tokyo DisneySea was also designed specifically to appeal grown up visitors as compare to Tokyo Disneyland.

Recommended Disney Sea Tokyo Attractions For All Ages

Broadway Music Theatre
Located at the American Waterfront, free lottery ticket may be required for reserve seat which can be obtained at Biglietteria. Expect long queue if you don't have reserve seat. Make sure you check the performance schedule and the instructions given together with the DisneySea map.

Disney Sea Tokyo Attractions
Disney Sea Tokyo Attractions - Broadway Music Theatre

DisneySea Transit Steamer Line
Also located at the American Waterfront, this steamer line takes you from the dock nearest to the entrance of the Park, all the way to the farthest port of Lost River Delta and back to the port. With this relaxing voyage, it is a quick way to fully enjoy the ever changing landscape of DisneySea.

DisneySea Electric Railway  
Located at the American Waterfront beside the Broadway Music Theatre, ride above the bustle, you will see the beautiful harbor and end up at Port Discovery. A quick way to and fro between American Waterfront and Port Discovery, where you can try the Aquatopia ride.

Located at the Port Discovery, the watercraft travels around the experimental pool, and there is no typical course. You'll spin around and twirl off in unpredictable directions that may surprise you.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth
At the Mysterious Island, Journey to the Center of the Earth uses stagecraft, light, sound, heat, and motion to create a multi-sensory experience basing on the Jules Verne novel of the similar name.

20000 Leagues Under The Sea
Also at the Mysterious Island, board one of Captain Nemo's powerful submarine boats and submerge underwater to see beautiful display along the journey.

Mermaid Lagoon Theater
Located at the Mermaid Lagoon, which is beside the Mysterious Island. Mermaid Lagoon Theater is showing a musical concert about the kingdom under the sea. Talking about the story of little mermaid, Ariel, who dreams of becoming human. The short concert will enchant you with popular songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid such as “Part of Your World” and “Under the Sea". Enjoy this show with music, visuals of the little mermaid swimming above you and dynamic performances!
Disney Sea World Japan
Disney Sea World Japan - Mermaid Lagoon Theater
Sindbad's Storybook Voyage
Located at the Arabian Coast, take the indoor boat to see the story of Sindbad. During the journey, you will see moving dolls and amazing displays that will captivate you.
The Magic Lamp Theater
Also at the Arabian Coast, the "greatest magician in the world," Shaban (real person), present his performance together with his partner, the popular Genie (using 3D film effects). Coupled with the chair effect, it will get you involved in this musical performance.
Last but not least, there are also many trilling rides attractions at the DisneySea Japan Theme Park that are not for the faint hearted. So you are looking for more thrills do try them out.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth Ride Tokyo Disneysea Drop Height Review Blog

Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea Review
Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea Review
This post is about the Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea review. Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of the attractions in Tokyo DisneySea. It is partially dark ride and partially thrill ride, and is unique to DisneySea.

Journey to the Center of the Earth uses stagecraft, light, sound, heat, and motion to create a multi-sensory experience basing on the Jules Verne novel of the similar name.

Journey To The Center of The Earth DisneySea Review

Lets see what others have to say:

"There are some creepy creatures but only one major drop on Journey. I'd say it's pretty mild, 6 year old loved it."

"I don't even feel the drop on Journey; it's at the end and curved."

"In the attraction, there will be a part whereby you look right and it is raining. During that scene, there will be a lightning with a loud crackling sound. That part gets me often."

"The drop is short but the vehicle gains speed(75km p/h) the drop is steep and you WILL feel airtime (pretty big). Before the drop, the vehicle curves in darkness but you shoot out of the volcano eventually. DO NOT MISS THIS RIDE!!!"

"In the day it might be scarier only because for the brief 2-3 seconds you can see how high you are then back into the tunnel you go. At night your eyes won't have time to really adjust to the dim lighting to notice how high you really are."

"This ride was great, and the monster was actually really scary."

"This ride is so amazing, DON'T miss it."

"This ride is deeply detailed and quiet amazing but a little too short for my taste."

The waiting queue has two regions. The first region has you going your way past makeshift laboratories with items apparently taken from old expeditions. This queue ends at one of several large elevators, which transport you at down below the earth's surface. Once the Journey to the Center of the Earth elevator send you on a descending trip down to the earth's core with special sound effects. You will have to wait to board a unique subterranean six passengers mining vehicle to travel through the tunnels. Along the way, you will see crystal caverns, unusual creatures, and a variety of special effects that unexpected for the eyes.

During the ride, you will encounter monsters, which provides the highlight of the ride, a combination punch of effects that culminates with the suddenly shakes and volcano's eruption launching you out of the mountain for a high-speed ride around the caldera of the ancient volcano. 

The vehicle travel smoothly at a variety of speeds, from slow, "sightseeing" tempo all the way to up roller coaster quick, and the whole duration is only about 3 mins. There is only one major Journey to The Center of The Earth DisneySea drop. Journey to the center of the earth ride drop height is only a couple of seconds at about 75 km/hr, which makes it a mini  roller coaster for beginner that suit majority of people. Nevertheless, do take take note of the boarding restrictions:

* WARNING! To ride, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.

* Expectant mothers and persons of advanced age should not ride.

* Guests who do not meet the height requirement (117 cm) may not ride.